Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I have been away so long

It has been a while. Well, over a year. But A LOT has been going on.
I'll have to recount things as I go, that is a lot of catching up.
My husband came home. All in one piece. Thank God! Now we are in the midst of dealing with the effects of the deployment. We all survived, and will continue to.
PTSD, Head Trauma, Tinnitus, those are a few of the things that he is dealing with right now. I am trying to help where and when I can, but this is really something that is only on him. I cannot do much to help, despite my desire to. So I am left to show how much I appreciate and support him while he makes the journey alone.
The VA has done an incredible job thus far helping us out. They are offering treatment for everything they can. They are even offering us marriage counseling.
We had went through marriage counseling when he first got back, a referral from Military One Source. (an excellent source of help and resources.) But we both agree that that counseling may not have been as effective as it could have been. When he came back there was a flurry of activity and a lot of adjusting. Now that things have settled into a rhythm we can see where we need help, where our relationship needs assistance.
Flash backs happen, hypersensitivity happens; and I am lucky to have one of the guys that recognizes it and is willing to put in the work to fix it. As much as it can be fixed.
They need our support, prayers, and above all, our love.